Surprising Beauty Use for Coffee Grounds


Coffee. To millions it’s the morning mantra. Every morning the coffee beans are ground, the grounds steeped and when coffee is done, consumption is the first thing on the brain, not what can I do with these grinds?

So to make it easy, and keep the morning flow as peaceful as possible, grab a large plate, plop on the grounds, spread ‘em out and place in a sunny window.

Likely by the time you get home from your day they will be ready for you to use as an awesome agent for unwinding from your day. Add a few tablespoon of sea salt to the plate.

What is all this for you ask? Melting Cellulite of Course!!

When you get ready for your evening shower, bring the grounds and salt plate with you.

The exfoliation of the salt and the coarseness of the grounds work amazing wonders for softening the skin, while the traces of caffeine in the grounds help release excess water from the cells, help release toxins from the tissues and improve circulation; which makes sense, because it’s what coffee does everywhere when taken internally. This just seems to be an effective external spot treatment.

So scrub away the cellulite and reduce, reuse, recycle those useful miracle particulars you adore so deeply in your daily morning ritual.

So keep on caring for your beautiful body temple and it will serve you long and well. Enjoy the smoothness!