Self Confidence & Success On or Off The Stage


Self confidence is a beautiful becoming of ones self, of being comfortable in ones body, heart and mind. We’ve all seen people whom have a genuine radiance. This glow emanates a powerful, yet comfortable confidence. Some people have fear around becoming self-confident, because it may be perceived and confused with egocentric-ness or pride. This fear can lead to jealousness, envy, other negative limiting beliefs or projections.

True self-confidence, comes from self-love, learning to accept what has been, accept what is, and choose to shift that which no longer serves. By doing so we allow ourselves to grow into being and sharing our best in every moment.

Honestly, we have probably all had our fair share of traumatizing life experiences that may have damaged our self-love capacity. Beautifully enough the tendencies these past experiences created, such as fear of self-expression, anxiety about sharing our truth, or hiding our skills and talents, can be shifted so we feel more authentically aligned and safe to be our best.

Our own self-judgment is our most limiting pattern. So often we are such harsh self-critics that we put ourselves down before we even attempt to succeed. There have been entrained patterns of self-defeat, lack of self worth and past traumas become so ingrained we can hardly even see them play out. “ It’s just how I am is a common theory.” These patterns are all shift able. We are the only one that can know when we are being our best, it is a personal endeavor and that simple truth can only be acknowledged from within. Self-confidence is an open and receptive state and the greatest tools, our hearts and mind will help us achieve our goals when we learn how to use them. So lets learn how to put that judgment mind to work being supportive and appreciative.

Here are 9 techniques to integrate into daily life to cultivate self-confidence and build success These fundamental principles when habituated help create a fulfilling life, full of your dreams coming true and feeling safe to share our genuine self-expression.

1. Create A Daily Meditation Practice
As a performer, the thought of going inward can seem counter intuitive for creating a stellar experience for our audience. Though giving yourself time everyday to become quiet inside, by centering yourself and grounding your energy you will enhance your joy, nourish your body and calm your mind so that the performance you give on stage comes from a place of authentic offering of your best.
Find a quiet place where you can be relaxed and uninterrupted. It is the quality of attention you give to being quiet that will give you the benefits, not the amount of time you spend. Meditation has dozens of benefits, including decreased muscle tension, lower anxiety, increased efficiency of athletic activities, boosting of immune system for more rapid healing and all around enhancing of ones quality of life.

Make a minimum of 15 minutes (morning is ideal) to sit quietly and turn your attention inward to your breath. When your thoughts start to wander, loving guide your attention back to your breathing, and back to the sense that “I like this, this feels good.” Allow the sense of peace and comfort to fill your body.

2. Write a Daily Gratitude List
Gratitude is one of the most valuable attitudes that we can cultivate. What are you grateful for? Did you wake up in a warm bed? Are you wearing shoes that fit? Do you have running water? There is always so much that we can be grateful for. In our busy lives it can be easy to forget to be grateful for what we have. Being grateful for what we have makes it easier to be grateful for what we will receive (goals list). Making a daily gratitude list helps keep the beneficial flow of abundance moving, so we can continue to create more of what we want, whether that be beauty, clarity or ecstatic joy. Gratitude is the powerful force.

Take a few minutes every morning to make a list of 15 things you are grateful for in your life and fully allow yourself to cherish them.

3. Daily Life Goal Setting
There are millions of things in this world that we don’t want. Taking the time to get clear and focus on what you do want will align your powerful creative abilities of your subconscious with your desires. This is a time to let your imagination be grand and uninhibited, get specific about your dreams for this lifetime and believe that you can have them. This life is a creation by our will and belief; use your feelings to project the best possible outcomes for your success.

Spending a few minutes every day focusing clearly on this big beautiful future life will inspire your actions to align with these aspirations.

4. Prioritize Self Care
Self-care is self-love and it is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves. The nurturing that we can provide our bodies and minds is deeply satisfying on an emotional, metal, physical and spiritual level. When we prioritize our own self-care, we are then able to authentically give our attention to others, knowing that we have already cared for ourselves. Self-care activities may include dance, yoga, martial arts, dry brushing, gua sha, self-massage, pressure point therapy, aromatherapy, masks, scrubs or oilinations. Really, whatever you experience as nurturing is what will make the difference in how you feel about yourself. It can be as simple as taking a bath with sea salts to help clear lactic acids or rubbing your feet to sooth them after an intense day.

Make a minimum 15 minutes a day, quiet time, to give yourself some deeply enriching self-care. Keep an attitude of gratitude while lovingly attending to your body temple.

5. Use Positive Affirmations
Words are powerful; they can imbue within them qualities. They can seduce forth from us rapturous feelings of bliss and contentment. Generating these good feelings will ensure your success is blossoming, (only if you believe it is.). “ I am radiant.” “It is easy for me to get what I want.” “ I am worth it.” “ I am good enough.” These phrases all create a powerful internal movement aligning us to allow these qualities to be present in our lives. By constantly reminding ourselves of awesome key phrase we begin to entrain the subconscious into creating a life that is aligned with these beliefs. Having the power booster of the subconscious helping to create our dreams makes all the difference in how quickly our desires come manifest. Speak that mantra over and over until it feels real, and then so it shall become.

6. Learn How To Be Comfortable Being Vulnerable
Being vulnerable can seem like the scariest thing in the world. Its probably because at some point when we were young children with care free spirits, we expressed ourselves genuinely and instead of being met with loving compassion and attention like we wanted, instead we were belittled, teased, or unheard. These surprising responses were hurtful. It makes sense then why this reaction to another person’s rejection may have created an internal program in our subconscious learning mechanism, which says, “ Being vulnerable and transparent isn’t safe.” We take this lesson into adulthood and shy away from speaking our truth or embodying our excitement or passion. When we learn how to support all of our feelings that arise, we begin to thaw the rigidness in our bodies of fearing attack. We begin to soften, giving ourselves permission to stand tall, to speak clearly, to have clear boundaries. To be able to able to pause before we make a choice to check in with ourselves about whether the response we will give in is alignment with our truth. It’s perfectly ok to feel safe to say no. Sometimes that request that’s being asked of us isn’t what we want to do. Likewise it’s important to speak up if you are excited about something, even if other people are not. Often time’s excitement is contagious.

Think of the things that make you a little uncomfortable. For lots of people its things like public speaking, and being naked in public that makes them quiver. It’s likely because we are afraid of being judged, ridiculed or excluded. Ask a group of your closest and most trusted friends so support you in this new growth into comfort in vulnerability. Ask them if you can sing them a song or stand in front of them naked. If this is too big a leap, get naked and stand in front of a full-length mirror and belt it out! Often we will find that when we stop caring what other people think, it turns out they are often supportive and appreciative for our offerings. Everyday reach beyond your comfort zone to share a compliment or insight with someone you’ve never met. It can be as simple as telling a stranger they look beautiful.

7. Framing Your Language In The Positive
We can become complacent with the way that we speak about our life and our experiences, becoming distracted by the worries and why not’s and speaking about what we don’t want. This laziness about expressing our true state of being is a common situation. People often say, “How’s it going?” Instead of just being “ok”, what about being “magnificent” or “splendid”? We have a dazzling menagerie of linguistically dynamic poetic expressions available to us. Perhaps now is the time to get flowery with our language. To spice up the words we use to convey what we mean and give ourselves a power boost of positive language to dramatically enhance our positive lives.

Take time to explore the diversity of positive language and ramp up your means of expression by finding powerful words that compel you to feel your best. Some of my favorites words to infuse into my life to enhance the positive frequency of my language are: radiant, excited, stoked, inspired, compelled, captivated, mystical, expressive, abundant, catalyzed, luminescent, thrilled, over joyed, enthralled. Anything is possible if you believe it to be so.

8. Structure Your Time To Practice Your Skills
All too often we are distracted by the incessant looping stories of our mind. It is often so busy looping stories about the past or the future, instead of being present to what we are doing in the moment, that we feel overwhelmed, even if we’re not “doing” anything. One of the most effective ways that I have found to focus my mind is by structuring time. This means that I make a list of all the skills I feel inspired to practice and set a timer for 9 minutes. Each activity is then given 100% of my attention. The background feeling is one of relaxed determination. By setting a timer, it is easier to bring the mind back to task, knowing that there is only a limited amount of time available to reach completion. This subtle, yet real pressure helps align the subconscious abilities to perform at peak potential, as there is no time for misused thoughts about the past or future, only focus on what is happening now. Practice this concise time structuring daily to help build space to develop the dream skills and accomplish that which you’ve always wanted.

9. Be Silly, Laugh, Play And Have Fun!
They say that laughter is the best medicine, and they are correct. Laughing releases serotonin and dopamine to juice you up with a high on life feeling. You become more open, more receptive to feedback and are more willing to engage with the world and the people in it. It takes courage to laugh at yourself. We all know how it feels to have others laugh at us and we begin to break down the fear of judgment when we can be willing to stretch our own boundaries by laughing at ourselves. Often we are so used to holding certain poise in life or on stage that we can become rigid, and as a magnificently versatile human it is important to move outside our usual character, so we are able to emote the amazingly complex diversities of feeling. To be able to entertain yourself is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. It is an overflowing of inspiration and jovial spirit.

This exercise is fun and will probably stretch your comfort zone and your imagination. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror, full length is ideal. Now move thru 5 emotions and emote them through your body. What kind of posture, facial expression and gesture do we express when we feel excited, nervous, shy, confident or surprised? When we feel confident our posture is open, relaxed and welcoming. This means that we have kind eyes, a relaxed jaw, and a gentle smile. The general feeling of comfort extends thru our body with relaxed shoulders and open chest with hips gently tucked and our feet a comfortable distance apart. We exude warmth and are inviting. There is an aura of peace that surrounds us, immediately bringing relaxation and comfort to those near by. Being self-confident is a great way to enhance our ability to serve others. For many people a friendly gesture of kindness is enough to shift their entire day. By being comfortable and feeling at home in your body you become a safe person to share with, an easy person to confide in, to be vulnerable with. Being loved and giving love is a huge part of his journey called Humanness. Embody this quality of silly, carefree body mind posture daily.

Now go be radiantly free to be your best, and share with the world that unique and beautiful shine that is authentically you.