Self Awareness + Self Love = Self Confidence


Do you feel uncomfortable in your body, awkward in social situations or wish you could express yourself more clearly? Do you want to learn how to have a more self-confidence and an authentic connection with yourself? If so, then reach for these goals by joining our enriching seminar Self Awareness + Self Love = Self-Confidence; Knowing Ourselves Is Power in Authentic Connection. No matter how successful we may be, almost all of us could do with a self-confidence boost. In this seminar, we will be cultivating simple techniques to develop self-awareness and self-love which can be turned into self-confidence. What you will learn: Acquiring the benefits of self-awareness, self-love, and self-confidence. How your thoughts/feeling affect you. Techniques to bring out the best in yourself. How to create clearer thoughts, feelings, biochemical responses and harmonic radiant heart fields. How to set goals and reach them.