Olive Oil & Salt Scrub For Silky Smooth Skin


Most everyone wants skin that glows and is super soft to the touch.

Take some Olive oil from the kitchen to the shower and watch it bring you a luminescent glow and silky softness. Using this recipe regularly will continually renew the luster and radiance of healthy skin, day after day.

Making an olive oil & salt scrub for using in the shower is simple and the results are luscious.

The science behind this beauty trick is simple. We shed up to a pound of acid wastes a day through the skin. Sloughing off millions of dead skin cells per day, the only thing is that they usually don’t just fall off because the oil content (sebum) of the skin is sticky and can keep those dead cell stuck to the surface, clogging pores and keeping out largest organ (the skin) from self cleansing effectively.

A note of caution: Be aware of your body balance when using this scrub as it can make the tub slippery.


1/2 c. Medium Course Sea Salt
1/3 c. Olive Oil
1 Wide Mouth 8 ounce Jar
5 drops Essential Oils (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in jar and shake vigorously.

You may also add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils. My favorite is lavender, as it’s super soothing to the nervous system, giving you an overall feeling of relaxation and comfort.

(Remember, essential oils are highly potent and must often be diluted in a carrier oil to protect the skin from rashes or chemical burn.)

After soaping and washing in shower, vigorously rub skin with exfoliating oil and salt scrub. The coarseness of the salt helps removes wastes and dead skin cells. The oil, especially because the skin is wet, will deliver penetrating moisture and make skin feel extra hydrated.

So take five before your next shower and mix up some softness scrub! Your skin will love it so much. You’ll glow!