In Person Body/Mind Rejuvenation Session



1.5 Hour Session includes:

15 minute Chi Machine / Procyon Session

15 minute Infrared Sauna Treatment

1 hour Full Body Massage



Epic Additions to make you more Awesome:

20 min Footbath/ Facial Mask/ Sound Healing Session

20 min EFT Mini Session to detox Stress and Reset Biochemical Harmony

20 min Biomat Guided Meditation Session

30 min Martial Erotica Strength & Flexibility Power Session


$30 Each Addition


Rejuvenation + All Awesomeness – 3 hour Power Reset



Walk in feeling great.

Walk out having activated new magical possibilities.


I’m dedicated to sharing my tolls and skills to help you feel better.


To get what we want, we must first know how to ask, then be able to receive.