How to Melt Cellulite with Skin Brushing


You won’t believe how effective this simple technique is!

Women and men are both plagued by cellulite. It’s not life threatening, though it is to many of us an unsightly inconvenience. So if it’s not super dangerous then what is cellulite?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Most adult humans carry around on average 8 pounds of skin. It is comprised of multiple layers of tissue. These layers are the epidermis, the dermis (full of nerve endings), and the layer involving our topic of conversation today, the subcutaneous, adipose or fatty layer. This deep layer serves great purpose; to protect the body as a cushioning, or as a fuel source in case of food shortage. All these purposes are wonderful and amazing and serve great function. Though how is it that we can change the surface appearance to this protective tissue? And do we really need that much?

Everybody has fat. Male and female body fat percentages vary, a low of 3% for men and 12% for women. The reason women naturally have more body fat is for the cushioning the internal organs to protect reproductive mechanisms.

Then there is the extra rippling, dimpling, chunky bits that hide just below the surface. Cellulite is the distortion of the fat distribution in the connective tissue.

In as little as 5 minutes a day, combined with healthy diet and exercise, you can reduce cellulite deposits, tone the muscles, massage the internal organs and help the skin, the largest organ in the body, with its natural detoxification process all with one daily action.

The tool used is called a dry brush, or skin brush. It is a hard bristled brush (usually palm bristles) often with an oval head and a long handle. Dry brushes are easily found at most health foods stores.

Dry skin brushing is an effective way to facilitate the body’s natural process of eliminating wastes by supporting the lymphatic system, which is how our bodies remove toxins and wastes. It is one of the only systems in the body that does not move itself, and is part of the reason why 30 minutes of cardio exercise is recommended daily. We can use dry brushing to get the bodies circulation flowing to remove these internal wastes that usually settle into the adipose layer that help create that less that appealing rippling effect below the skin.

Externally bodies are constantly in the process of death and rebirth. Constantly renewing and on average shedding up to one pound of acid wastes a day through the skin. Since the skin is our largest organ, it is also the connection between the inside world and the outside environment. By treating it with love and care we can affect our internal world as well as our external.

We know that exfoliation is important when washing the skin to clean the pores from dirt, oil and grimy build-up. Though we tend to overlook this simple fact, Water + Flour = Wall paper glue. Exactly. That stuff is sticky. Throw a little oil and dirt in there and it takes quite a bit of elbow grease and soap and water to get that stuff off. It’s the same with the skin. Dry brushing helps loosen all those dead skin cells before showering to reveal soft beautiful skin.

So how do you do it? What’s the secret method? Starting with the feet and hands, with the brush in the palm of your hand lightly scrub the skin of the body in a circular motion working toward the heart. The intention is to make the skin pink and flush with color. This stimulates circulation and the flow of blood thru the body, helping oxygenate the cells and flush metabolic wastes.

As this technique becomes part of your daily pre shower routine, you’ll begin to see amazing results. Smooth, radiant skin, more defined muscle tone and a super soft to the touch skin texture. You may also find this technique helps the body restore itself to its natural state of health and wellness. It may also very well will improve your mood and self-confidence.

Give it a go and relax into the comfort of knowing you are caring for yourself from the inside out and watch the cellulite melt away.