Easy & Luxurious Foot Soak For Touchable Feet


Our feet are one of the unsung heroes of the body. They get us where we need to go. They hold all of our weight (even if we’re carrying a little extra). The average person takes approximately 10,000 steps in a day. All made structurally possibly by 53 tiny and intricate bones.

Our feet are usually out of sight and out of mind, therefore if they don’t hurt, we give them no thought. Let’s reverse this axiom and start being grateful that they work so well and so often!

Our feet definitely earned some well deserved pampering.

Bathe those rough and tired paws in this super yummy foot soak that helps relax the muscles, soothe the tendons and support the bodies natural detoxification system (which yes! the feet are a big part of!)

During this self care pamper time I highly recommend taking quiet time to put in some earplugs and tune into your breathing. Making space for internal quiet is the key to rejuvenation. The have found as well that meditation and creating inner quiet actually ramps up productivity as well. ( See my article, 5 Minute Meditation = Productivity Increase)

Grab these ingredients and get ready to lounge for 20 min.

A foot tub (ideally big enough for both feet)
A mini towel (for drying feet)
8 cups hot water (+/- 105degrees, depending on personal comfort)
1/2 cup Sea Salt (Iodized table salt has had most beneficial trace minerals removed)
1/4 cup Baking Soda (softens cracked, dry feet. Helps remove dead skin cells)
3 Drops essential Oil of Choice. (My favorite is Chamomile or Lavender)
Dried herbs or flowers of choice

For after your foot soak:

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (for after soak moisturizing Massage)
1 Pair Clean Dry Cozy Socks (to seal in moisture)

Do this amazingly simple and effective yummy foot soak once, and you’ll be hooked. Making this a staple in your weekly self-care regimen will change your feet from frazzled to fabulous!