Mystical Muse Academy is designed as a resource for helping us build clearer connection to our gifts, our passion and our mastery. Mystical Muse Academy was originally founded in 2014 by Head Mistress Sweet Beat Petite.

“Dedicating ourselves to the continual growth and activation of our potential is a fun and exciting journey that will continue forever if we so choose.”

There are 3 main realms chosen to focus on. The fourth realm is  Offerings, where you can see some of the projects created by Sweet Beat Petite, as well as book her for conferences, workshops and performances.

Communication:  Focusing on communication with self and others is vital for the co-creation of a happy life with healthy and fulfilling relationships. Artices and tips for learning to actively engage in the conversation with the world. As well as learn for to retrain our own internal dialog patterns to optimize comfort, ease and success.

Self Care: Making the time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate is essential to restore and maintain balance I this hectic world of constant external stimulus. Making intentional time to step away and into the quiet, to cultivate the stillness within our our bodies and minds allows us to show us vibrant and strong for the world outside of ourselves.

Efficiency: Most of us feel like the to do list is a million miles long. True, there are always many tasks to accomplish. Yet, when we have strategies for successful completion of these tasks in a streamline way, we become more capable of handling larger loads and are able to feel into the moments of stillness within the process. Brainwave entrainment techniques, thought patterns and meditative mind practices are all a part of the efficiency building lifestyle.

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Thank you for being on this planet at this time. You are here to make a difference. I know you are special. Let that beautiful light of your shine!!


Sweet Beat Petite & the Mystical Muse Academy