1 Easy Technique To Get More Done In Less Time


There are a million things to do! How do I navigate?

Make a list. Not just any list. Make the master list. A list of all the things you want to have done. One list for today, one for this week. If you want to get even more efficient with dream boarding you can make lists of things you’d like to have accomplished in the next month, year, 5 years or lifetime. The problem with most people is that they spend a majority of their time being distracted with the mundane, and thinking about things that have little to do with the creation of their dreams. This is one difference between people whom get a lot done and are successful; and people who want to be successful and can’t seem to make the time to do so.

Organize your thoughts, organize your goals, and put them into action to make them a reality.

The end result is the most important thing. Worrying about “how” things are doing to happen is just a distraction. We can spend our whole lives making a plan and never doing anything. A quote that speaks strongly of this philosophy is “shoot first aim after.” This speaks to how much easier it can be to hit your target if you already know where you’ve hit. Fire and adjust, fire and adjust.

Make a list and trust that you will have the resources provided in the moment when it is time to act. Until then, align your thoughts and feeling on the end result and how good it feels to have the goals complete. Trust that it will be smooth, clean, easy and fun when that moment arises.

Small things really matter. Break the big tasks into smaller more attainable goals. Work diligently to completely the things on today’s list that you have been putting off. Paying the car insurance, washing the dog, finishing that report, and making that green juice smoothie. These are all things that can be done relatively quickly in rapid succession when clarity and diligence are applied. Things just seem harder, until you actually start them.

Some questions to help you get started:
1. What small tasks have I been avoiding or procrastinating?
2. What activities can I today that will help me feel like I’m moving closer to my goals? Hygiene? Pushups? Sit-ups? Emails? Phone calls?
3. What have I always wanted to do?
4. What have I always wanted to be?
5. What have I always wanted to have?

By doing the activities on the list it will dramatically help you feel the most accomplished. Usually these are the small things that have been being put off. Its amazing how quickly the subtle the weight of these tasks can be, and when they are complete how satisfying the result!

Release yourself from the expectation of having to start at the top of the list. Start with what your most inspired to do. Sometimes it’s something that’s not even on the list! Like taking a shower. Follow this inspiration and just do what your called to do. When you think about an activity, do it now! This is your inner subconscious nudging you to complete a task that will flow easily. Remember, “What you resist persists.” When you have a fleeting thought about action, take it. Just take the first step. When the inspiration is there, put all doubts aside, act fast and be diligent.

This clarity of intention will help you clear the clutter of the mind, put down the stories about the future and give your day and life structure as to when and how its appropriate to utilize your time and energy, and how to do things to best of your ability now. Bask in the glory of your accomplishments. If you feel overwhelmed remember, “All I have to do is be right here, and I like this moment.” Practice your inner smile often.